Jim & Susan K

RA Sameday Couriers is an amazing Couriers Services and did a great job from start to finish and I will definitely be using him to buy.

Jack Wilson

First time we use RA Sameday and very happy with the service and price. Happy to recommend

Dated : 15-10-2014

Location: Manchester

Matthew Watson

We couldn’t be more pleased with the Courier Group, our past experiences with realtor services were mostly negative. RA Sameday Couriers quickly made us feel comfortable and taken care of. We highly recommend this team!

J Morgan

Excellent service. Happy to recommend. Very professional.

Dated : 18-11-2014

Location : London

Alex Black

Highly recommend ! very organised people with excellent price.

Dated: 21-11-2014

Location: Maidstone Kent

Andy Morris

Very Professional Team. Highly recommended


Dated : 31-01-2018